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Michel Gabrysiak's blog, Capitalism ? Yes, but for whom ?

Die virtuous, or participate in the worldwide shale gas boom, what's it going to be?

Le 20/12/2012
Farmers from the state of Dakota in the United States who were just above the poverty line, now suddenly find themselves amongst the middle classes, and this thanks to shale gas. 90 billion dollars have been invested in its extraction and in the industries appearing around this extraordinary resource.

Hundreds and thousands of jobs. A quasi energetic independence for the United States who until now, relied heavily on imported gas and petrol. It's nothing short of a revolution.... Read more

From Annecy to global wealth or poverty?

Le 29/11/2012

Annecy in Savoie, not far from Geneva, on a day like any other. The shopping centre is packed with people who are there to buy rather than just window shop. They have money.

Inside the shops of Paris, London, Berlin, New York, enormous crowds hustle and bustle. The 'Christmas Village' set up on the Champs Elysées is constantly submerged by a dense crowd.

Airplanes are full, as are trains, restaurants, cafés, public spaces.
And yet...

In Greece, Spain, Po... Read more

The shareholder should be in for a long time, not a nanosecond

Le 26/11/2012

Does the shareholder support the company or exploit it?
How long must one hold shares in a company before being able to cash in a result equivalent to the risk taken?
In 1960, the average appropriation of listed shares varied between eight and ten years. Today, it varies around a non second and 4 months.
Yet, a company's capital is supposed to allow them to develop themselves, to create new products and sell them, to make profits which in turn... Read more

The markets are ready to go after France: about time to change the financing of health

Le 12/11/2012

The French are all but kissing one another in the street out of joy after the announcements surrounding the measure of financial revamping made by the Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault.
I'm hardly exaggerating.
As Jean Yanne used to say, " Everybody, he is happy!"
And yet, the measures in question only represent a timid start, not to mention that they are delayed and will not enable us to face the hurricane set off by the markets.
 Read more

Nelson Pelz is at the helm. The lull at Danone is over!

Le 09/11/2012

Lyon is about to get shaken up. Pelz has arrived.

Sure, he's all smiles for now. But soon it's going to be, 'no more Mr. Nice Guy'.

Nelson Pelz has just invested 310 million euros to acquire 1% of Danone's shares. This is no game.

In his opinion, generally and specifically, the company is badly managed, does not make its shareholders enough profit, does not distribute enough and is undervaluated on the stock exchange.

Norman Pelz is used to getting rich... Read more




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About me and the blog

As head, since the mid nineties of the Finance Foundation, Michel Gabrysiak, has contributed to the consolidation of the European capital markets. He witnessed the phenomenal boom of shadow banks -as opposed to genuine banks- which have led us into the present financial mess.  

As a journalist and writer he closely followed the ups and downs  of finance and economy since the beginning of the big boom of the early eighties.

He  created financial and business board games.  He had a family budget game show on French television. On CNBC he presented  a weekly talk show called Capital Ideas, discussing financial topics with CEOs, Central Bankers, regulators, politicians.

This blog is about democratic capitalism. Is it meant to benefit everyone or just the tiny few, the oligarchs, the shadow finance operators. Are the middle classes and the poor included in the creation of wealth or excluded from it ?




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