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13/08/2017 19:31:03
We hope everybody is comfortable with English (or Russian) here & that this message will be routed properly - PCAS's case could be a good example about how to manage the AMF properly in regard of its international counterparts. As discussed during Paris Europlace - France's financial reputation is at stake here, Brexit might be an opportunity - this case is not handled properly can be a threat.

Indeed we believe there was (there is) an ongoing misappropriate treatment of the public & the international financial community and wish the new AMF Président to be aware of it asap.

1/ the "OPAS" is subject to dispute - indeed many basic rules were not respected :

1.1 Eximium 's stake sale never confirmed by AMF

1.2 Eximium financing its own sale in sharing part of NGH the mother company of NOVACAP is at least specifric, or even suspicious - why ? because it undermines rights of other/minority shareholders, especially if anglo-americans !

1.3 Associé en Finance was nominated by NOVACAP at its won discretion to justify 1.2 - strange .

2 this process doesn't invite foreign shareholders - why ? Not good when Paris wants to be the "Europlace" it pretends to be

3- more impacting, the HR side - ie it was written that none of the employees of the companies will be kicked out because of the merger - where are the guarantees ? Where is the Social & HR Due Dil.? Etc .. If AMF leaves this "as is" its reputation will be at stake in case of social turmoil later on - M.Kling puts his reputation at stake here.

4.- this process made in "catimini" only respects NGH, EXIMIUM and EZO's interest - fair enough - but is at least not compliant with a Public Offer's spirit - for example one of the evaluation made by analyst LCM put stock price at 14 € which generated the average of the three analyst in charge at 17.00 (well done to minimize price) - problem is that LCM 's Analyst (M.Berbain) has been sactionned by the AMF !

5- for the alternate route we will suggest to the prospective new AMF's President to assess better the situation by Sept.13 12.00 PM CET and we'll question parties concerned by points above so that AMF may consider a "counter offer" to be set-up
14/10/2015 17:25:40
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