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GlobelMoney Offers a New, Revolutionary Way to Transfer Money, Surpassing the Competition and Creating a New Reality in the Field

Actualité publiée le 20/07/16 14:17

GlobelMoney offers the most diverse and easy way to transfer money throughout the world, and is known for its efficiency and broad coverage across the globe. It is the new player in the field, who came to change the traditional way in which money is handled, presenting a new, innovative and safe way to transfer money with an approach that has never been done before.

Existing companies in the banking industry welcomed this approach as innovative and fresh, something that sets the pace as it sets aside the old “players” of money transfer. This is what made GlobelMoney evolve quickly and be among the best in the industry.

GlobelMoney gives the solution to the problem of the Greek economy, which has been afflicted by capital controls, giving liquidity in a safe environment, where you can make deposits, withdrawals and a multitude of transactions in a few seconds.

Forget the older time-consuming and complex money transfer methods. GlobelMoney gives a solution to liquidity problems you may be encountering, while offering the lowest charges for currency exchange conversions and the lowest commissions in sending money worldwide.

GlobelMoney also introduces the fourth generation of money transfers, which includes money transfer through the Internet. This will bypass the old, slow ways used to send money and payments at a national and global level, and introduces an unparalleled ease in payments, as if you are texting on your mobile phone. This will not only increase the speed of payment, but will also achieve efficiency during the transfer.

The CEO of GlobelMoney, Mr. Waqas Ilyas, shared his thoughts about the big changes coming in the field of payment with us. “There are now more people talking about payments, dealing with payments, giving money for payments, investing in the field, so I think it was an incredible year for the field. I believe that 2015 was the year for many people to increase their money. Companies in the industry of capital, especially payments, amassed massive capital. If 2015 was related to amassing capital, 2016 has to do with the movement of this capital.”

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